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Quantum Friends and I with the inventor of the (BRT) FRACTAL Gabor Lednyiczy


Bio-Regulation Therapy (BRT) and Bio-Feedback

I have also studied with Dr. Gábor Lednyiczky from Budapest. And have integrated his amazing BRT devices including the FRACTAL into my practice as well.

A Fractal System is a complex, non-linear, interactive system which has the ability to adapt to a changing environment. Such systems are characterized by the potential for self-organisation, existing in a non-equilibrium environment.

Bio Regulation Therapy (BRT) is the next phase of integrative and functional approaches to health and wellness. BRT uses advanced technology and innate biological communication processes to support, optimize, and regulate the body at the cellular level – helping to expedite the natural healing process and restore overall balance.

Cellular communication and signalling is critical for the synchronization of all biochemical processes and as such also to maintaining overall health, slowing the aging process and dealing with the symptoms and effects of cell deterioration and disease.

BRT Clinical applications have been proven to provide benefits in:

Medical conditions: allergies, muscle and bone health, etc.
Sports medicine: performance, injuries and recovery)
Overall health and wellness: improves circulation, increases vitality, enhances sleep and relaxation, mood balancing, decreases inflammation etc.

Efficient biological communications at the cellular are critical for maintaining overall health and wellness. When these communications are synchronized and working at full capacity, both the body and mind are able to self-regulate and adapt as needed to maintain balance and stay healthy.

But when trauma, built-up stress, chemical imbalances, environmental toxins and genetics contribute to the breakdown of these inner communication processes, both the body and mind may react with a number of dysfunctional and disruptive symptoms including PTSD, addiction, eating disorders, chronic pain, sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression, phobias, cognitive issues and hypersensitivities.

BRT can help deal with these issues by restoring efficient biological communications and, in turn, triggering natural adaptation and regulation activities. Ultimately, BRT can help to improve cellular function, normalize systems, relax tissues, accelerate healing, and restore balance across the mind, body and spirit.

BRT FRACTAL Lenyo Device

Lenyo Devices are extremely low intensity (ELI) PEMF devices with complex frequency signatures. Lenyo BRT uses PEMF as a delivery mechanism for the signals.

Advanced training with the Inventor and Quantum's best in Budapest, Amsterdam, Mexico & the US. 14+ years + Stress Reduction Specialist experience in Quantum Biofeedback EDUCTOR & SCIO Sessions *Certified Spiritual Counselor SOM RScP *Personal and Group Sessions *Training The Crystal Light Bed from John of God in my office. Prayer Requests And an official Guide to the

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DISCLAIMER: The EDUCTOR system is to be used as a Biofeedback Multimedia System. It is designed for stress detection and stress reduction. The device does not diagnose anyone. Only a Licensed Practitioner can diagnose a patient. For the diagnosis or treatment of any disease please contact a licensed physician. No claims are made of the system or of its results.