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The EDUCTOR™ Quantum Biofeedback Energy Technologies

The Eductor! The latest upgrade in Quantum Biofeedback devices in Los Angeles and the World!
*Be one of the first and few here in LA to experience it's speed an efficiency for results!

The EDUCTOR™ Quantum Biofeedback Technology is a sophisticated automatic, computer-operated non-invasive state of the art health device that facilitates restoration, WHOLENESS and WELL- BEING through Quantum Energetics. Combining Bio-resonance and Biofeedback fields for body analysis and energy balancing through Stress Reduction.

It's a stress management system that measures electrophysiological reactions and patterns through a ‘harness’ of electro-magnetic electrodes attached to the head, ankles and wrists, which are catalogued, tabulated and fed back to the individual. Inter-looping of reading energy and then sending back through energy signals prompting the body to balance and correct.

Eductor The EDUCTOR device utilizes transcutaneous voltammetric biofeedback technology, which consists of both hardware and software. The hardware consists of a digital interface box attached to the computer with electrodes attached to the wrists, ankles, and 8 on the forehead of the person (making up 12 transcutaneous carbon impregnated rubber electrode contact points). The software is a PC-based platform consisting of mathematical calculations and high-end graphics.

The EDUCTOR measures the body electric at 12 points to get geographic measures of EEG, EMG, ECG and GSR. It can get global measures of charge stability profile as well as the TVEP reactivity index. Aberrant profiles can be corrected using micro-current stimulation. The systems software is programmed to autofocus to the patient’s body electric to reduce electro-stress and provide lifestyle advice – all of this to promote wellness and to educate the patient as to life healthy style choices.

EductorThe EDUCTOR is designed to correct the manifestation of stress and/or electro-stress patterns within the individual at the most primal of physiological levels. The device works on the theory that stress disrupts the inherent electromagnetic frequencies at which the body’s cells, organs, etc. resonate and that by returning these frequencies to their natural state, the stress and any subsequent illness that occurred because of the disruption can be corrected.

Studies have shown that people who are over-stressed produce different patterns of brain waves than do people who are not over-stressed, and that reversal of that stress, in particular through techniques such as biofeedback training that employ the individual in controlling their return to stress-free living, can result in the abnormal patterns becoming normal.

The EDUCTOR tunes into an individual’s body’s physiological stress levels so that this information can be used to control the physiology, and consequently affect a decrease in those stress levels, resulting in improved physical and emotional being.

EductorDiana Donaldson is a certified Stress Reduction Specialist working in the field of Energetic Medicine since 2002. Traveling to Budapest, Amsterdam, Mexico and much of the United States to study with the inventor of the SCIO Professor Bill Nelson and many of the top Certified Instructors and mentors in the field of Energetic Medicine. Specializing in helping identify and release the 'Issues in the Tissues.'

Diana's years as a Spiritual Counselor and her personal healing work with John of God in Brazil are integrated all helping to facilitate a healing in the Quantum Body Electric. Through identifying and releasing Stress and the effects of Physical and Emotional Trauma, Grief, Fear, Sadness, Betrayal and in the verve of energetic medicine and the synergistic loop interfacing with the body, mind and spirit and emotion signaling healthier states of consciousness physically and emotionally through shifts in Energy. Helping the body electric and mind to relax through energetic communication at cellular, molecular, fractal levels.

Everything has an energy signal that can be identified, measured and transported. Our body's are electric, our thought patterns, behaviors, life styles, food choices, diet deficiencies and over-indulgences can either be life affirming or debilitating through the stress they can cause.

Diana's years of experience and intuitive knowingness can help your body mind and spirit hit the cosmic re-set button back towards optimal health in nano-seconds through a session on the Eductor.

In brief, what a Quantum Biofeedback Session can do!

Reduce Stress
Reduce pain caused by stress
Reduce Stress from emotional blockages
Reduce or eliminate stress from allergies
Assist in overcoming addictions - releasing thought patterns and additive behaviors
Bring you back into balance energetically
Improve the immune system
Improve Self-Esteem and Self-worth
Clear and Balance the Aura and Chakras


Environmental: Pollution, pollen, mold, toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, building materials, EMF's from appliances, electricity, computers, cell phones, geographic stress (earth energies - lay lines - water lines) Help to clear not only you but your home or office of negative energy.

Physical: Stress Reduction Therapy Specialist: For Chronic and degenerative illnesses, pain, fatigue, hormones, digestion, circulation, nerves, muscles, spine, immune system, pharmaceuticals, street drug use, overweight, adrenal stresses, food sensitivities. Clearing energy blocks from energy vampires in the home or work-space. Learn Healthier food choices and what the body energetically needs to function optimally through the correct amount of Amino Acids, Healthy Fats and Minerals.

Mental and Emotional
: Money worries past life or present. Cutting the cords that no longer serve you. Help in releasing old repetitive thought pattern stress, negative thought patterns, Low self esteem and Self-worth, identity crisis, career and life-path stresses and help you identify and call forward what you do want. Releasing addictive pattern stress, and calling in healthier relationships and family interaction, Releasing stressed caused from depression, fear, anxiety, grief, anger, sadness, confusion.

Spiritual: Releasing years of Guilt, Anger and Fear. Becoming more heart-centered by releasing layers of forgiveness issues, shame and blame at the deepest levels. My specialty is helping you release the 'Issues in the Tissues' and re-scripting your intentions for a healthier more loving joyful life and happier experiences.


Have Quantum Biofeedback, will travel!



Diana Donaldson
(818) 693-1313

DISCLAIMER: The EDUCTOR system is to be used as a Biofeedback Multimedia System.  It is designed for stress detection and stress reduction.  The device does not diagnose anyone.  Only a Licensed Practitioner can diagnose a patient.  This system is calibrated to measure the fine and subtle electrical and subspace reactions to a group of biological and medical substances.  The sensitivity is set so fine as to pick up the earliest sign of disease and distress. The results may be below the client's recognition.  No claims are made of the results or the system.